How To Remove Ads From Disqus Comment in Blogger

Techy Jeeshan

Hello All. I hope you are well. Today in this post I am going to share tutorial on How To Remove Ads From Disqus Comment in Blogger 2023. How to Remove Newest Disqus Ads 2023 - Actually I have shared a trick to remove Disqus ads, but recently some Blogger friends have asked for How To Remove Disqus Ads from Comments section, the Disqus ads automatically keep appearing.

This is because Disqus updates the iframe for its ads by removing its source which is used as a marker in the CSS to remove the Disqus ad. 

But don't worry, we can still remove the ads in Disqus comments by updating the CSS code that we used before. Here is the CSS code that was previously used to remove Disqus ads.


Because the CSS code is no longer effective for removing ads in Disqus comments, then please use the following CSS code.


I have tried this CSS code and succeeded in removing ads on Disqus.

Refrence :- KOMPI AJAIB

Techy Jeeshan
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