To increase blog engagement as well as get more visits and comments. Today I write this page with the purpose of putting links with other bloggers!

What are the Benefits of Being a Friend?

  • First: Significantly increase the number of visitors, helping your page to be known by more people and have a higher position on Google search.
  • Second: Linking together so that everyone can easily find, exchange and learn more useful information, documents and tips.
  • Third: The admins of the blogs can contact each other, help each other in the process of blogging as well as designing the template for the blog.
  • And many more benefits...

Which Websites will not be Approved?

This is also a form of cooperation, so I will not put links to blogs with bad content, specifically as follows:

  • Blog with Free Domain (. Tk ,. Ml ,. Cf ,. Station , and. ).
  • There are reactionary content, related to politics, religion, terrorism, ...
  • Contains content that slanders, defames or distorts the world's fine customs and traditions.
  • The article is not official, copy or take other people's blog data to upload to your blog.
  • Fake news site, tabloid, stabbing, spreading scandal, distorting the truth, slandering others.
  • Blogs that have been abandoned or inactive (posts, comments) for a long time.
  • The page has a confusing interface, unclear layout, incoherent coordination or too many widgets/widgets that make navigation difficult, difficult to access article content, or too many ads on the website. Page.
  • The blog has been established for a long time but has too low user interaction (many posts but few comments/comments, or few posts, page views, ...)

Requirements when Placing Links - Cooperation

  • To place a link to this blog, you must place this blog link on your site first before coming back here and contacting with the form below.
  • Only put links with blogs with international domain names ( .com , .net , .info , .in ,...).
  • Must have the right link (, title ( and description (Techy Jeeshan).

I will regularly visit the blogs that have linked to me, if I find out that you have removed my link from your site, I will also remove your link from my site. At the same time, if I find that the blog shows signs of violating the above conditions, I will also remove the link without notice!

Link Code

You use the code below to insert into the link frame on your blog page

<a href='' target='_blank' title='Techyjeeshan'>Techy Jeeshan</a>

How to set a link with this blog?

It's very simple, you just need to put the link of this blog ( on your page first and then come back here to comment below with the following content:

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  • Title: ... (eg: Mr. John's Blog)
  • Link: ... (eg:
  • Description: ... (eg: Here's a short description.)


Only with cooperation can there be development. Hope you will put a lot of links, so that our blog will grow stronger and stronger in the Blogspot community.

Have a nice day!

Last Updated:
26, September 2021