What Is Premium Adsense Publisher Account & How To Get It ?

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Hello Everyone, Welcome To TechyJeeshan. Today in this post we are going to talk about the Premium Adsense Publisher Account and Its benefit also we are going to talk about the requirements that you need to achieve for a Premium Adsense Account. So let's get started.

Many people search on youtube and google that How to get Adsense Approval and How to display ads on website through adsense and many more but many less of you know about Premium Adsense Accounts. So first of all let us know about Premium Adsense Publisher Account.

It is nothing but a Pro Version of Adsense. This program is for top big Bloggers who had completed all the requirements and terms and condition that google wants to see on their website. If you also want to apply for a Premium Adsense then you need to work hard on every detail of your website including your hosting and domains. The best part of Premium Adsense is that the returns are much higher than normal adsense now let's see what are the Benefits of Premium Adsense Account.

Benefits of Premium Adsense Account

1. Ability To Predict Income 

If we talk about the normal adsense account holder. He has to stay with the ad showing on the website but the Premium Adsense holder has the power to show high cost per click ads on their website as we can say that this single feature will increase the advertising revenue of your website and also it means that Premium Account holder has better income prediction than normal one. 

2. Personal Assistant Service from Adsense 

Premium Adsense will provide you a personal assistant who will give you monthly advice on queries issues or any question you have about the ads they display on your website. The google analytics team will not only help you to maximize your revenue but also give you the opportunity to quickly adjust any changes in Google system.

3. Maximum Number of Ads 

Now this is the interesting one if you have a normal Adsense Account. You must be aware that adsense gives maximum 3 ads per page but in case of premium account the holder gets 4 to 5 ads per page and I don't need to tell you that what kind of result this could have on your overall revenue number. 

4. New Terms and Condition and less Restrictions 

If you have a Premium Adsense Account then you can remove any restriction of the normal adsense terms and condition that you don't like google provides a new set of rules to the premium adsense account holder that makes it nearly impossible to suspend their adsense account the premium adsense account is kind of reward to the publisher who proved themselves by generating organic impression and clicks by not breaking the general terms and condition of adsense. So these were all the benefits of Premium Adsense Program.

How To Get Premium Adsense Account 

Now let's see what requirements you have to fulfill to get Premium Adsense Account.

1. Don't Break the Adsense Rule 

follow all the terms and condition of Google Adsense and always monitor your traffic closely. Remember one thing never give any chance to google to ask any question to the quality of your traffic and ad clicks you have to place safe and also you have to take care of the terms and condition.

2. Generate Organic Traffic 

for a premium adsense account you have to maintain your high monthly traffic and you must have constant traffic to your website by 1 million monthly page views and 1 lakh searches per month if your website start getting the required traffic then google may contact you for the premium adsense account.

3. Post Original and Useful Content on Your Website

as we all know many writers copy content from other websites but if you are here to generate a good amount of revenue through this then you have to consistently produce useful and engaging content for your audience. This quality content will help your website to increase traffic as I already told you in my second point that organic traffic helps you to get a premium adsense account.


okay so that's all for What Is Premium Adsense Publisher Account & How To Get It ? if you want us to keep posting such useful content related to blogging Tutorials and Education then please do not forget to leave a comment.

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