5 Things to know about using a Custom domain if you choose to be a blogger

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Having more option to choose a platform for blogging, Many of the newbies start a Blog in two free hosting platforms i.e., Blogger(Blogspot).com and Wordpress.com. It is the Best option for choosing the basic platform to start blogging. But, as we go on from beginners to advanced level of blogging, changes should be made from every corner of the site to better place in Blogosphere.

5 Things to know about using a Custom domain if you choose to be a blogger

Starting a blog has been changed From Hobby (writing about an interesting thing) to Earn a living (by working from home). We need to know the different methods for improving writing skills, content marketing, and all the tactic for a successful Blog.

If It is just a hobby to writing in a blog, then Free blog( with blogger sub-domain or Wordpress sub-domain) is the best option. For Creating a successful blog for a business, companies, and all the authorized industries need to have Custom Domain, which may be related to their company name. Following are the reasons for Using a Custom Domain Name For your Blog:

Top 5 Reasons to Opt for Custom Domain Name for Your Blog:

Branding :

Branding yourself easily by using a name of your company for blogs Along with logos, banner, and all the Authorized Marks/Symbols. Custom E-mail is the latest trend for company to make a trustable Email address like Support@amazon.com (Admin@yourdomain.com)

Safe from SPAM:

being a free platform can be favourable for spammers if we don't use the Custom Domain

Monetization :

Many of the top companies like Buysellads Never accept the blogs with sub-domain. They only accept the blogs/sites with Custom Domain Name.

Dedicated towards blogging:

As said earlier, Using a free sub-domain can be considered as " Just for Fun ". Custom domain justifies the blog with seriousness towards Blogging and helps to get more clients.

SEO Friendly:

Having a well-optimized blog, has an advantage of high-ranking in search engine, and thereby getting more clients for blogs. It has became the basic rule to get more exposures to web Engines and blog Traffic. Hence, the above factors can make the conclusion of buying a Domain for your blog to get better Results. Hope this helps you know the overall view of Domain Name in blogging


That's 5 Things to know about using a Custom domain if you choose to be a blogger. Applying this will help save on article pages when uploading a lot of images. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for all. Thank you for visiting us.
Techy Jeeshan
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