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Google is not a company, neither a search engine, but it has become a verb IN 2022. verb which means action, how many times we say that to Google something. If you say someone to Google it instead of search, even then they will understand the meaning, so isn't Google a verb now.

But even then many people won't use Google in a good professional way by which they won't get such results which are useful to them until this post ends, you will get many questions in your mind that, oh I was using this software for that work but it's on Google itself.

Hello everyone, I am Admin from and in today's post we are talking about Google Search Operators by using that you can get good search results from Google in a professional way. For average people with their average eyes, they can't see any special option in Google Search what else is there, there's a text box and a button but this is for normal users.

Talented SEO people like you can squeeze Google with Google Search Operators come let's see search operators and their uses with the examples.

#1 Quotation Marks

When you type anything on Google search box, then many time Google will find the meaning of your search phrase will try to give you the best search results but many times you have to search for that exact word or word's in such situation, search your search term within quotation marks then Google will show you the results searching for that particular word.

#2 OR Operator

Suppose you have to search about the Batteries Brand. One brand is Exide and the other is Amaron now either you can search about Exide and Amaron two different times even that will be a way, or else you can use a OR operator type Exide then or then Amaron in the search box. Now Google in the search results will show the pages related to Exide or Amaron.

#3 Pipe Operator

This symbol from Hindi's purnaviram, this is called as Pipe this does the same thing, that or operator does so you can use this instead of or you will get the same results.

#4 Bracket

By using bracket you can do grouping of search operators for example we will continue the or example consider you have to search the review of Exide or Amaron battery so you can search it something like this first you will write Exide or Amaron inside the bracket after that space, battery review so Google will process the content of the bracket. there are two keywords here and you have put or in between these two keywords. Google will process that and then will use the contents outside the bracket.

#5 minus Operator

Minus is used to refine any search. if you don't want to see a specific word in the search then you can use minus operator consider you search for Exide Batteries, now in the top results in search this page is coming, the largest word is used here. now in our search term we will add minus largest and then search again.

now see this page disappears you won't see any pages which contains the word largest.

#6 asterisk

This is very useful in research, type on Google once top 10 * mark in India and press enter button. you will get the list of top ten richest, crypto and so on

so what does asterisk do, it gives the wild-card to Google that keep anything on my place I don't care. so when you search top 10 * in India, Google searches top ten in India and this top ten can be anything, because there is asterisk here.

#7 range

Range can show the search results between two numbers. when we search for Noble price winners then Google will show you the list of latest Noble price winners, it's simple. if you want the list of Noble price winners of 2015, so you can add that into this keyword 2015, then you will get the list of winners of 2015 but if you want the list of winners between 2015 and 2018

in such cases range is useful, here you have to type noble price winners 2015 add dot two times and then type 2018 and then Google will give you the list of Noble price winners from 2015 to 2018.

#8 related Operator

 When you use sight you can check the index of any page. in the same way, by searching related URL, Google can show you the similar websites in search results.

You don't need to use different tools to check competitors, next time you can add related then colon URL and Google will give you the list of those things which it considers as your websites competitor.

So these were the 8 search operators, by using which you can increase the quality of your research and can find good useful information as soon as possible

And if you feel this post useful, then you already know what to do , thank you so much for reading this post and I will see you next article, take care.

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